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HELP! My Electrics Keeps Tripping

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Why does my electrics keep tripping?? Question: Why is it every time I turn my shower on, my electrics go off? I need a shower!! Questions & Answers: How old is your fuse box? Would it be the Old Wylex (or other branded) box? Although these old Wylex fuseboxes are well designed and made the design is no longer […]

Electrical Safety: Plug-in Socket Covers Are DANGEROUS!

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Socket Covers should NOT be inserted into plug sockets. Socket Covers Should Be Banned, Full-Stop. Why are Socket Covers Dangerous? Well, if you read along, I’ll tell you why plug socket covers are dangerous. Not one socket cover, brand/make, have been approved for use in UK BS 1363 sockets. So what is BS 1363? The […]