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November 2017: Jobs so far in Wellingborough


Electrical Jobs in Wellingborough

Our electrician in Wellingborough has been busy rewiring houses and doing landlord electrical checks, we have also been our friends at THS Heating and Plumbing installing new boiler electrical equipment.

We visited a new customer in Wellingborough last week who was going to be letting her house out for rent and wanted her electricals tested. We came across what appeared to be a DIY job on every single light switch. (sorry for the poor image)

light switch in wellingborough wired wrong

Can you see the problem?

If not, the earth wire is not wired to the metal switch at the earth point. Meaning if the live wire came loose, you’d get a shock if you touched the switch!

We are seeing more homeowners in Wellingborough are attempting to carry out smaller electrical jobs like installing new style light switches, sockets and light fittings,  as they feel this is such a small simple job that would be too costly to call an electrician in for.

What is a simple job and actually not very costly at all for a qualified electrician can turn into a nightmare for a homeowner.

We have been called out numerous times in Wellingborough to rectify faulty wiring attempts that trips the fuse boards caused by the homeowner attempting to carry out these kinda jobs themselves.

We have seen damaged electrical cables, sockets and in once case an electrical fire. Electricity is very very dangerous. It can kill if you’re not careful.

It’s becoming very common that homeowners in Wellingborough are asking us to certificate their own electrical work like I said above. This is impossible, and we wouldn’t do it unless the electrical work was carried out by us from the start.

If someone is injured in a property you rent out, your insurance will be invalid if you do not have the appropriate certification to prove the electrical installation is safe. Get your landlord certification from ST Electrician in Wellingborough.