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The BS 7671:2018 is almost here...

How long do we have till the 18th edition is here? Well it’s due to publish 1st July 2018.

Protection against fire
Protection against fire resulting from the electrical installation and the use of the electrical installation has been necessary ever since electricity was first introduced into buildings. Chapter 42 contains the requirements for the protection of persons, livestock and property against fire caused by electrical equipment, against burns and overheating and for including precautions where particular risks of fire exist.

It is recognised that RCDs can reduce the likelihood of fires associated with earth faults. However, whilst RCDs can detect earth faults they aren’t able to reduce the risk of electrical fire due to series or parallel arcing between live conductors because there is no leakage current to earth. Also, it is understood that the impedance of a series arc fault reduces the load current, which will keep the current below the tripping threshold of the circuit-breaker and the circuit-breaker may therefore not operate to disconnect the circuit.

To find out more about the 18th edition take a look over at theiet

Socket Covers Should Be Banned

Socket Covers Should Be Banned, Full-Stop.
Why are Socket Covers Dangerous? Well, if you read along, I'll tell you why plug socket covers are dangerous. Not one socket cover, brand/make, have been approved for use in UK BS 1363 sockets. So what is BS 1363? The BS 1363 13 A (13amp) plug socket-outlets adaptors and connection units is a British Standard which specifies the most common type of single-phase AC power plugs and sockets that are used in the United Kingdom. The standard requires that all sockets be tested to ensure that a pin has to be inserted a distance of 9.6mm into the socket before it makes contact with any live parts. I'm seeing more and more people use these socket covers, It's normally parents with young children and after a brief educational lesson, It's removed. A standard plug socket is safe without the need for any sort of "socket covers" because of the shutter mechanism inside.

Plugging a socket cover in upside down opens the shutter and exposes live contacts, not great when small children are around. Why do you think it is that manufacturers of BS 1363 do not provide “safety socket covers”? Well because safety shutters are built in. There's no need for socket covers. Clippasafe Ltd, one of the leading brands that sell these shocking socket covers has sold more than 6 million covers since 2000 and, its managing director Roger Cheetham has said it had received no customer complaints.

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