has your appliances been PAT Tested?


What is PAT Testing?

Eletrical PAT Testing by ST Electrical Northampton PAT Testing stands for Portable appliance testing.  It’s the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a series of visual and electronic tests.

PAT Testing, Northampton.

As an electrician based in Northampton, and our newly relocated electrician in Wellingborough we have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience needed to carry out portable appliance testing (PAT Testing).

What will I receive once PAT Testing is completed?

Upon PAT Testing completion of the portable appliance inspection and testing, you will receive a report that details:

  • Full report of test results for each appliance tested
  • An inventory containing each appliance type, its name (ID), the location and description
  • Full report of failed items, and a description on why they failed
  • A PASS or FAIL label on each and every appliance tested. Each with an ID, Test Date a Re-Test date and the engineer who did the testing.

What does PAT Testing involve? And why should I have it done?

Following the dreadful news of the Grenfell Tower fire of which an old fridge freezer exploded, steps have been made to educate people on the importance of PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing).

PAT Testing involves the testing of every electrical appliance to establish the safety and suitability. we as PAT Testing electrical experts in Northampton will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance, its plug and lead. For Class I equipment we will also inject signals into the cable and appliance to ensure their integrity.

  • Plugs – Checked for damage
  • Cables – Checked for wear and tear. Also checked for cuts and heat damage
  • Fuses – To ensure correct rating is fitted
  • Earth – To ensure earthing of appliance meets acceptable standards
  • Load Test – To Check if the equipment and fuses operate correctly
  • Earth Leakage – To Measures the leakage current to the earth while the appliance is operating
  • Function – To ensure appliance is fully operational

PAT Testing Certificates

PAT testing certificates are provided to business owners after your appliances have been successfully passed our tests. The certificates show that the company is in compliance with regulations by having their portable appliances regularly inspected for damage and or risks.

The cost of PAT Testing?

PAT Testing in Northampton will cost somewhere between £1 and £2 per appliance that will be tested. However, if you have a large bulk of appliances the price will tend to be lower.

To have your appliances tested, ST Electrical of Northampton would happy carry out a full report of all your appliances within your home or business. Contact me by phone or email.