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Portable Appliance Testing. PAT Testing in Northampton

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Northampton PAT Testing.

Portable Appliance Testing by ST Electrical.

Electrical appliance based fires have hit a record high. A Which(?) investigation has found that thousands of faulty appliances catch fire.

The law does not require you to have PAT Testing in your home, but how long will it take for this to change? We think the government should look at this again. To have PAT Testing in your home in Northampton all you have to do is give me a call.

As an electrician, I think it’s shocking that some everyday household appliances can pose such a danger, such as washing machines, tumble dryers are the appliances that are often left on 24/7.

Get your appliances PAT Tested!

For ultimate peace of mind, get your electrical appliances tested. It’s also important that you check to see if your appliance has had a manufacturer’s recall, you can do this on GOV website here.

Depending on how many appliances you have in your home or business, I can normally check up to 30 appliances within about an hour to an hour and a half. To have PAT Testing done, all you have to do is contact me, book a day and a time best suited for you.

Completed PAT Testing

Once each appliance has been tested, each and every appliance will have a label which will describe if the appliance has passed or failed. A full report will be given once completed.

Are you a landlord in Northampton? My landlord electrical services will include PAT Testing.



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