The danger of not using a qualified electrician

Just like not using a qualified plumber in Northampton, much is the same for an electrician in Northampton. The EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report if you like, is an electrical safety test that anyone can have done on their home to ensure every electrical point is safe.

It identifies any damage, deterioration, defects and/or conditions which may give rise to danger along with observations for which improvement is recommended. The EICR should be carried out by your local qualified electrician.

burnt out electrical cable in the loft
burnt out electrical shower switch giving a shock

The first picture is the burnt-out cabling from the loft into a pull chord isolator. This landlord escaped losing his property to a fire if it was left any longer.

The second picture is a shower isolator connected/joined from 6.0mm t/e to 1.5mm. Tenants getting a shock from the shower. Not only that a metal bath and no RCD protection. Deathtrap. We found both of these in a rental property in Northampton.

If you have a rental property or live in one, the property should have had a EICR report done.

Get in contact with an electrician to talk about an electrical safety.