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Solar Panel Installation - Northampton

Switch to solar with our help

We install a full range of solar panels and battery storage systems, solar pv, and electric vehicle charging point solutions across Northampton and Northants area. Did you know that with just 8 solar panels, you can power almost all your homes electrical appliances. - Get in touch with us to discuss your next step

Complete solar Installation in Northampton

Full Solar Panel Installation
EV Car Charging Installation
Smart Battery Storage Installation
Solar PV Service & Maintenance
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Helping Homeowners Go Green With Our Solar Services

Our domestic solar panel installations are designed for your home and the power it uses. At ST Electrical we don’t cut corners to save costs, our approach may differ from other installers and you will find our customer service completely different. Our installers will explain each individual step from finding the most suitable solar panels, the correct inverters and making sure you understand everything.

Solar Panels Northampton

Here at ST Electrical we are able to deliver and install solar panel projects on domestic properties and large scale ground mounted projects across Northampton. We already have a proven track record in delivering all solar panel, battery storage, EV charging and Solar PV systems.

Let ST Electrical help you move to solar

  • Solar Panels with 25 Years Performance Guarantee
  • Charge an Electric Car Using your Solar Panels
  • Save Money with Lower Electricity Bills

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solar panel installation
solar pv battery storage

Solar PV Battery Systems - Battery Storage

Solar battery PV systems play a crucial role in maximizing solar energy, reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional energy sources. Battery storage come in all sorts of sizes from 4kW to 30kW - Not sure what you need? We can help.

We can supply, design and install your pv battery storage systems. The integration of battery storage in a solar PV system offers several benefits. It allows for increased self-consumption of solar energy, reducing reliance on the grid and electricity bills, here are some more benefits of solar battery storage...

  • Stored energy can be used during periods of low solar generation
  • Hassle-free maintenance - Grid Power cut backup
  • Lower electric bills

Recent Solar Panel & PV Battery Systems

recent solar panel installation in northampton
solar pv system install
solar panel pv invertor
10.5KW battery storage pv system