When Hiring a Electrician

When you need an Electrician, what do you do before you hire one?

Do you call up a family friend? Someone that knows a little bit about electrics that might be able to sort your problem out?

That’s fair enough, if that family friend can sort out the problem you have that is just to wire a plug. But what about something like adding lights to your stairs? or adding an outside light?

Can that family friend wire up your lights without compromising on the rest of your electrical system?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone other then an registered Part P electrician to solve problems in your homes electrical system.


1, You might void your home insurance. 2, Risk of electrical fire.

Ever heard of Part P?

Part P states a electrician carrying out electrical installation work in your home must make sure that the work is designed and installed to protect you and your family from fire and electric shocks.

Part P is apart of the Building Regulations. All electrical installation work in a home, garden, conservatory or outbuilding must meet the Building Regulations.

When you need an electrician, you need to make sure that the electrician you are hiring is a registered electrician to do certain electrical work in the home.

When you are searching for an electrician you can do a quick search on Google for “Electrician town/or/city” so for example, “Electrician Northampton” or you can use this electrician search tool which we recommend using to find the best people for the job.

When you need electrical work done on your home, always look for an electrician who is Part P registered.