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Also known as a Fusebox, Circuit Breaker and a Consumer Unit. It's a box where you'll find all the fuses for different circuits in your home.

There are many reasons why you may need to change the fusebox (Consumer Unit) in your home but mostly because they are now generally unsafe, old and need to be updated.

Your Fusebox will also now need to be RCD (Residual Current Device) Protected, which your old one most likely is not protected at all. An RCD protects you from fire and serious electrocution caused by earth faults.

Consumer Unit Fixed RCD (Fusebox)

A fixed RCD provides the highest level of protection as it protects all the wiring and the sockets on a circuit, and any connected appliances.

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Time to upgrade to a Fixed RCD Consumer Unit (Fusebox)

Are you worried the current fusebox in your home is too old and no longer complies with electrical UK regulations? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a modern consumer unit. A consumer units are basically the modern and safer version of fusebox, like fire protection and electrocution.

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If your home is fitted with an old type fusebox, it might be time to for you to replace it with a new RCD protected consumer unit.

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